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Please excuse the site, we're just getting started so it's a little simple right now. 


BLING Drop Off Store is now open. A brand new sevice for Lawrence Kansas!!!  We give you money!!

Right now you actually have money sitting all around you.  It's in your laptop that you just replaced, your iPod that you never use, those very nice shoes that you spent a lot of money on and wore twice, etc. You know what you have that's worth money.

Bring that stuff to BLING.  Your items will be expertly photographed and listed on Ebay so you're literally selling your stuff to the WORLD! Your items are stored in a secured area during the auction process. When auction ends, we pack and ship your item to the proud new owner.  The best part?  You get paid!! We send you a check for the final value less commision and fees.

To sum it up. You bring it in. We send you a check!

It's that easy.

How do you find out what your stuff is worth :

Do a search for the item on Ebay. In the left hand column, you'll see "Search Options" choose the option that says "Completed listings" and hit the "show items" button.  Now you'll see all the items like yours that have ended recently, most impotantly, how much they're selling for.